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Sustainability Policy

Plascon is dedicated to manufacturing flexible packaging solutions that offer the strength and durability needed to protect, transport, and warehouse products, while minimising the environmental impact. As a company, we actively seek to reduce waste, while providing a sustainable packaging product that is environmentally friendly and lessens the ecological impact.

As a blown film’s manufacturer, we strive to reduce scrap, when possible. All scrap that is produced is sent to a third- party plastics recycler. This scrapped material includes our coextruded and blended films, in both clear and colored varieties. The recycled plastic is converted to regrind and is used by other plastic extrusion companies, thus saving on new raw resin consumption. Our nylon blends are recycled into a type of insulation after being shredded.

We also proudly offer biodegradable films, bags, and liners suitable for food-grade, as well as commercial and industrial usage.  The biodegradable film scrap, like the rest of our scrap, is also recycled and reused.

Cardboard core materials are sent to Bay Area Recycle who is a champion in our local community’s efforts to recycle in both residential and commercial applications.

We utilise water-based ink versus solvent-based ink for our customers’ printed film and bag needs.  Solvent-based inks are formulated with volatile organic compounds that can result in environmental issues, if not treated properly. Plascon has chosen water-based ink as a much more environmentally friendly option.

As a company, we encourage our employees to make eco-friendly choices to reduce waste in both the manufacturing operations and office spaces.  Here are just a few of the other ways we strive to achieve sustainability:

  • Providing recycle bins for clean paper/cardboard, and plastics in our breakroom.
  • Changing from fluorescent and incandescent to LED light bulbs as needed.
  • Distributing our company literature digitally via website and email as much as possible.
  • Printing 2-sided documents when paper copies are needed.
  • Utilising environmentally preferable inks and purchasing remanufactured ink cartridges or those that can be returned to the manufacturer for reuse and recycling.
  • Working with a local document disposal service that collects, shreds, and recycles our private documents into consumer products like paper towels.
  • Replacing window blinds to provide better insulation in all seasons.
  • Manufacturing with all factory equipment operating on AC drives to minimize energy consumption.



Plascon recognises the global need to minimise our environmental impact, while delivering a flexible packaging product that meets the demands of protection, transportation and storage for the products we use or consume daily. Robust flexible packaging products are critical when it comes to food safety as a means of protecting and preserving our food supply as it travels to distribution centers and households worldwide.



Simply stated, flexible packaging weighs less, therefore it typically uses less energy and consumes less raw materials in the manufacturing process. Likewise, less weight improves transportation costs compared to glass, metal, or cardboard packaging by reducing carbon emissions, and creating less wear on our highways and roadways.



Plastic packaging is essential in keeping our food supply chain safe and fresh for long-distance transport and distribution. Food packaging, storage, and distribution begins in the fields where it is produced, then typically shipped to a storage facility to be processed and stored until it is needed. Plastic packaging not only protects food products from damage and contamination, it also extends the shelf life which in turn reduces food waste from entering a landfill and releasing harmful methane gases.



Plascon proudly offers biodegradable options suitable for many products including:

  • Meats & Poultry (fresh and frozen)
  • Grains & Powders
  • Breads & Bakery
  • Floral
  • Consumer Goods
    • Clothing
    • Books
    • Electronics
  • Industrial Applications:
    • Plastic & Metal Parts
    • Nails / Screws / Fasteners
    • Automotive Parts
    • Resins
    • Pigments

We supply biodegradable roll film, or we can convert to finished bags of a variety of sizes, including custom orders. These are commonly used as box liners for a wide variety of product needs.



Plascon is committed to providing environmentally friendly flexible packaging options, and continuously looks at our facility to improve our internal sustainability operations. We strive to meet and exceed your packaging needs with environmentally and socially responsible business practices.

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