Biodegradable Films


It has been suggested by major environmental groups that the consumer acceptance of plastics is declining. The suggested decline in the plastics industry has been blamed on the inability of plastic to biodegrade over time. Vendors and consumers today are more aware of our planet’s growing environmental demands. For many consumers, a company’s environmental actions are now part of their buying decision.

At the Plascon Group, we take great pride in our products and our ability to evolve with the changing needs of our customers. That is why we provide our customers with biodegradable plastic film options.

Our innovative and environmentally-safe material provides a number of advantages including:

  • The same strength and tensile properties as traditional plastics.
  • No toxic by-products.
  • Does not use heat, light of mechanical stress to break down.
  • Does not require special handling (unlike PLA and oxo-degradable products).
  • Does not contain heavy metals (unlike most oxo-degradable products).
  • Specific formulations that meet FDA requirements.

To make our biodegradable plastic bags and films we utilize an additive which, when combined in small quantities with any of the popular plastic resins, renders the end products biodegradable while maintaining their other desired characteristics. The resulting plastic products exhibit the same desired mechanical properties, have effectively similar shelf-lives, and yet, when disposed of, are able to be metabolized into biomass by the communities of microorganisms commonly found almost everywhere on this planet.

Biodegrading Information

Our biodegradable plastic films and bags are designed to biodegrade in a variety of situations including

  • Home Composting
  • Commercial Composting
  • Landfills
  • Buried in, or in contact with the soil
  • Erosion / Agricultural netting & film
  • Litter
  • However, our bags will not degrade when kept in a warehouse, on store shelves or in your home or office.

If you are looking for biodegradable plastic bags and films that can provide the same strength as traditional bags, have no toxic by-products and do not require special handling, Plascon can help. Contact us today and see how our biodegradable plastic film products can meet your packaging needs while also meeting your environmental goals.




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