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Sous Vide Cooking Process

The popular sous vide method of cooking requires food to be vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag before it is submerged in a precisely controlled water bath for low heat cooking over an extended period of time.

Plascon manufactures the plastic bags that make sous vide cooking possible in industrial manufacturing facilities and commercial kitchens alike.

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Cook Chill Processing

Using precisely measured recipes, large batches of food can be prepared, poured into a Cook Chill Bag, and rapidly chilled and refrigerated or frozen until ready to serve – up to 28 days later!  Like no other system on the market, Cook Chill can provide a high degree of quality and fresh cooked taste.

Cook Chill Systems are used by many types of food service organisations including:

  • fine dining restaurants
  • fast food restaurants
  • restaurant chains
  • hospital food service departments
  • school food service departments
  • institutional food service departments
  • caterers

These organisations produce large quantities of consistent ‘just made fresh’ foods using the Cook Chill method, which gives products an extended shelf life while achieving a reduction in food and labour costs and practicing safe food handling.

7-Layer Co-Extruded Film for Cook Chill Bags

Manufactured by Plascon, co-extruded 7 layer film is ideally suited for Cook Chill applications. The seven layers are extruded simultaneously at the time of production, resulting in optimised quality and strength of film. 7 layer film has long been the standard for high abuse applications such as a cook chill tumble chiller (shown below), or thermal shock.

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Saftea® Liner for Urn Dispensed Beverages

If your restaurant or franchise business profits from the demand for ready-to-drink iced teas, coffees and other beverages, using Saftea® Liners will ensure consistent, high-quality taste by eliminating cross-contamination and flavours from improperly cleaned urns and spigots and cleaning chemicals.

Change and refill beverage urns safely, in a fraction of the time, with Saftea® Liner. The patented slide locking top seal eliminates the risk of spills and locks out unwanted contaminants.

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