Plascon Packaging Solutions Ltd (PPSL) working in collaboration with valued Global Customers, has developed specialist range of BRC Certified Food Grade packaging to optimise Industrial Food Processing.

Plascon Signature, BRC Certified, 7 Layer Co-extruded proprietary Film Blend has been designed to specifically to withstand the rigours of Cook-Chill processing & to provide maximum performance & strength within an Industrial Tumble Chiller.

Providing strength & resistance against atmospheric intrusions, material Lowers Oxygen Transmission to keep your product fresher than with a single layer bag – EXTENDING PRODUCT SHELF LIFE.

The customised co-extruded film blend is thinner & stronger than traditional mono layer films, enabling optimum temperature transfer, reducing both cooking & cooling times & providing the optimum level of protection to food while minimizing product loss.

Plascon Film offers a higher coefficient of friction on the outer surface, allowing a proper grip during filling.

The surface of the bag is designed to give special non-abrasive properties (a very important feature when used in the Tumble Chiller).  The tumbling action of the machine allows the bags to rub together creating a massaging effect that continually moves the internal product, enabling reduction in the cooling times.

Plascon Signature Film is available in various colours & microns & can be converted to sizes to suit your business’s needs.

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Cook Chill Processing