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Saftea® Urn Liner

Tea Urn Liner with Patented Safety Seal

Improve Operations & Protect Against Food-Borne Illness

Saftea® Liner’s patented sliding seal protects against harmful bacteria or viral contaminates from entering or forming in the liner, both of which can result in foodborne illness. The protective seal makes it easier to move the dispensers without spills, and since it is resealable, you can reuse and refill throughout the day.

Keeps Contaminates Out. Seals Freshness In.

It’s no secret that teas are prone to mold. Improper cleaning results in bacteria forming inside the urn and spigot which can lead to health risks and foodborne illness. With Saftea® Liner, the tea never comes in direct contact with the urn or spigot, creating superior sanitation and quality standards for your foodservice establishment. As a bonus, it actually improves the taste! Your patrons will enjoy consistently fresh iced tea without the aftertaste of improperly rinsed cleaning.

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Saftea Liner® Features



Using disposable tea urn liners eliminates unwanted flavours left by a metal decanter or an unsanitary spigot. Using the easy-to-change liner removes the spigot cleaning method, ensuring the prevention of bacteria build-up from spigots that are not cleaned properly. Tea decanters need to be emptied often to assure freshness and most importantly to prevent teas from molding. With the Saftea® Liner you can count on freshness, flavour, and safe-to-drink beverages.


Cleaning urns and spigots are costly and produce inconsistent results. Disposable urn liners cost less than the expense of properly cleaning urns and spigots. The Saftea® Liner is easy to use and time-efficient. The changeover process using the Saftea® Liner takes less than one minute compared to an estimated 10 minutes to properly disassemble, clean, and reassemble an urn and spigot.


Today’s market for Ready-To-Drink iced teas, coffees and other beverages has increased dramatically in recent years. Let the value and quality of your beverages drive traffic to your restaurant or beverage station. Using Saftea® Liners ensures a consistent and higher quality taste because the beverages they hold are free of cross-contamination, and flavours from cleaning chemicals. A better tasting product contributes to increased sales and customer satisfaction.


Step One

Unthread existing spigot. Thread on your Pinch Tube Spigot. Open spigot.

Step Two

Place liner in urn. Feed tube thru opening in urn and thru the spigot until tube protrudes. Close spigot.

Step Three

Drape liner over outer rim. Pour product in. Close the liner with the sliding zippered seal. Tuck the bag in. Close the lid.

Saftea Liner® Benefits

“Our team members, and guests can really taste a difference of quality, and ease of use since we began using Saftea® Liners”Wilson Yang, Yonge & Bloor Franchisee


Since implementing Saftea® Liners they have been an absolute time and money saver! No more wasted time on breaking the urns down for cleaning. Such a simple design with great results! Thanks for all you do!”Todd Andres, Midland Country Club

Change & Refill Iced Beverage Urn Liners in Just 60 Seconds with Saftea®

In less than a minute, you can install a liner and be ready to serve customers all day. Compare this to the time spent disassembling, cleaning and scrubbing, and reassembling the spigot to the urn if a liner is not used. Employees will spend less time cleaning the urns, resulting in reduced labour costs. If your restaurant has more than one urn, multiply that time savings accordingly. The consistently fresh flavour achieved by using Saftea® Liner results in increased sales from loyal customers who appreciate the quality and freshness they’ve come to expect.

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Comparative Shelf Life of Tea Products Stored Using Saftea® Liners and Other Lining Systems

Eurofins Microbiology Laboratories has investigated the ability of Plascon’s Saftea® zip top-sealing Liner to inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold in a brewed tea product in commercial urns held under typical room-temperature commercial storage conditions.

Think having the right liner doesn’t make a difference? See the difference the Saftea® Liner made when compared to other liners, and urns not using a liner, then decide.

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Saftea Liner® Benefits

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