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Cook Chill

Simple, Controlled Food Preparation

A Safe and Easy Solution for any Size Kitchen or Institution

The Cook Chill System is a major advancement in prepared food technology that ensures consistent quality in every batch, at every location, while reducing the labour required for preparation and serving. Using precisely measured recipes, large batches of food can be prepared, poured into a Cook Chill Bag, and rapidly chilled and refrigerated or froze until ready to serve – up to 28 days later!  Like no other system now on the market, Cook Chill can provide a high degree of quality and freshly cooked taste.

Cook Chill Systems are used by many types of foodservice organisations including Fine Dining Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants, Restaurant Chains, Hospital Food Service Departments, School Food Service Departments, Institutional Food Service Departments and Caterers. These organisations produce large quantities of consistent ‘just made fresh’ foods using the Cook Chill method, which gives products an extended shelf life while achieving a reduction in food and labour costs and practicing safe food handling.

7-Layer Co-Extruded Film

Co-extruded 7 layer film is ideally suited for Cook Chill applications. The seven layers are extruded simultaneously at the time of production, resulting in optimised quality and strength of film. 7 layer film has long been the standard for high abuse applications such as a Cook Chill tumble chiller (shown below), or thermal shock.

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chef plating food in a high end commercial kitchen
Freshness and Quality

Each batch prepared with the Cook Chill method is a “prescription” for freshness and quality. This centralised preparation enables foodservice operators to maintain absolute control over uniformity and quality. All recipes are precisely measured and cooking cycles carefully monitored. Foods are cooked to proper doneness, never over- or undercooked. Thus, every serving location, no matter how distant, is assured uniform flavour, texture and quality. Best of all, even after weeks in storage, the foods taste as if they were freshly prepared.

A Proven, Successful System

Our innovative Cook Chill System is now in use by leading foodservice operators nationwide, helping them serve a broader variety of fresh-tasting foods with new ease and consistency. Family-style restaurant chains are supplying a wide variety of soups and entrees to their stores. A leading Mexican-food chain, for example, is packaging everything from chili con queso to refried beans.

hot food served in a high end buffet style
restaurant chef rethermalizing soup stored and then heated in a cook chill bag from Plascon
Optimum Sanitation Throughout

With Cook Chill, once the raw ingredients go into the cooking kettle, the food is never again exposed to handling. The Cook Chill bag is used for packaging, storing, distribution and reheating. This unique, multilayered material also prevents crossover of flavours or odours in distribution. The foods are packaged at above pasteurisation temperature, and not exposed to air until the bag is opened for serving.

Examples of Optimal Viscous or "Pumpable" Foods for Cook Chill applications
Refried Beans, Taco Meat
Macaroni & Cheese
Mashed Potatoes
BBQ Beef and Ground Beef
Beef Stew and Stroganoff
Gumbos and Shrimp Creole
Chow Mein
Cream and Broth Style Soups
Chowders, Chilis and Bisques
Gravy, Au Jus, BBQ and cheese sauces
Spaghetti and Marinara Sauces
Salad Dressings
Gelatins and Puddings
Fruit and Cream Pie Fillings
Examples of Solid Meats and Foods that can be placed in Cook Chill bags and prepared in Cook Tanks:
Swiss Steak
Salisbury Steak
Liver & Onions
Chicken Quarters
Turkey, Cornish Hens
Roast Beef, Corned Beef
Spare Ribs, Baked Ham
Spanish Rice and Rice Pilaf
Whole White & Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Beets and other root vegetables


Restaurant Chains
  • Designed for growth/expansion
  • Food taste and quality remains consistent from restaurant to restaurant
  • Efficiency gains and monetary savings in energy, food, and labour costs
Supermarkets and Delis
  • Produce signature recipes and retail products
  • Expand “take out” retail offerings
Healthcare Operations
  • Increased control over special dietary items (i.e. gluten-free)
  • More competitive with outside food service options
School Foodservice
  • Reduced labour requirements due to centralised food production
  • Increased variety in meal planning
College and University Foodservice
  • Consistency in food quality between dining facilities
  • Ability to produce for a range of foodservice types
    (i.e., cafeteria, pre-plate, quick-serve)
Correctional Foodservice
  • Improved quality and consistency of food
  • Reduces equipment investment at finishing/serving  sites
Military Foodservice
  • More control over food and ingredient cost
  • Multi-programme, multi-facility capability
Manufacturing Facilities
  • Increase the menu selection
  • Offer catering and banquet service
Transportation (airlines, railways)
  • Individual portion packaging for convenience and easier transport
  • Higher quality and better tasting food can be offered
Recreation (hotels, casinos, resorts, parks)
  • Improved food cost control for catering events
  • Food inventory can be centralised to conveniently supply to satellite operations

Reasons to Implement the Cook Chill Method of Food Preparation

Works well for both refrigerated and frozen foods.

Withstands temperatures ranging from -29° C to 100° C.

Cook Chill bags are easily stackable, minimising storage space requirements.

Less time and labour required since fewer pots and pans are used at the commissary and serving area.

No trained cooks are necessary at the serving locations; even part-time employees with minimal training are capable of reheating and serving.

Savings in resource can be substantial since highly skilled personnel (dietitians, chefs, etc.) are needed only at the central kitchen.

Storage and inventory are easier to handle because each package is identified by content and packaging date.

Deliveries can be reduced since each satellite can maintain fresh inventory in its own cooler with assured 28-day shelf life from date of packaging.

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